Youth MMA 6-12


MMA Striking

To use Striking in MMA you first must be able to stay standing up. That's why we first teach a unique "Base & Movement" along with "Anti-Wrestling" to Shut Down and Defuse all Shoots & Clinches. This enables the fighter the ability to create the space he needs to win in MMA with Striking.


Precision & Accuracy

The Form of a fighter's Punches, Kicks, Elbows or Knees is essential to be able to Strike well without giving back your opponent an opportunity to strike you. As well a Fighter's ability to "Site and Track" his target is paramount for accuracy


Power & Volume

In addition to your form there is also the Energy that you are able to Focus within your Strikes that delivers Real Power. Putting this Power together with your Speed, Timing, Precision & Accuracy will then enable you to deliver a VOLUME of Strikes that can work together to bring a Knock Out!!