Kids 6-12 BJJ & MMA Summer Camps


Quality Instruction

Children receive more in depth Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA Striking Instruction in our camps. They learn not only the moves but also the "energy" within the moves that gives them a far greater expertise. More time and patience can be given in the camp which always brings greater development. 

Fun Mat Games

Capture The Flag, Dodge Ball, The Belt Game, Nerf Gun Wars, Tug Of War, Crab Soccer & More have all proven to be big favorites at our camps. Training is balanced out with play for kids so they always have as much fun as they are learning Martial Arts.

Valuable Life Skills

Discipline, Self Esteem, Confidence, Resolve & Focus are always at the top of our list in our camps. We have foudn that children who have had serious discipline or self control issues greatly benefit from the structure and regiment of our camp.

Three Week Sessions

Our Camps SELL OUT QUICKLY, so best to contact us as early as possible. We take only a limited number of children per camp and once we are filled we can take no more. We offer three 3 Week Sessions held in June, July and August until each are sold out.