Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu In Delaware


A Beginners BJJ Class Where You Are Respected

We have all seen the BJJ school where only the "inner circle" gets attention and other students are left to fend for themselves. Well that is NOT Dauntless. Here every student gets our focus and attention until they are able to grasp the material. No matter what your physical shape or athletic ability we will bring you up to speed & make you GOOD!!


BJJ Intermediate Material For Solid Skills

Once you earn your Blue Belt we hold nothing back as you take you through the Sport IBJJF Rules of BJJ but provide you even more as we prepare you for NAGA, Grappler's Quest, The Good Fight Submission Only and also MMA Applications. Our Blue To Purple Belt Curriculum will make you complete in both Gi and No Gi


Advancing To Brown & Black Belt In BJJ

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Is much more than just the moves that you think you see, it is also the energy "within" the move that you cannot see. Taking you to Brown Belt and then to Black Belt is something we take very seriously at Dauntless. It requires our utmost focus and commitment to build real depth in your ability and understanding of more complex principles. For us it is sacred and something we do very well. 

Dauntless BJJ Lineage

Rickson Gracie 1994-2002


Dauntless Chief Instructor Allen J. Sachetti had the blessing to be a Rickson Gracie Private Lesson Student from 1994-2004

Royler Gracie 2002-2005


It was a great honor to be able to train with Royler Gracie and have him come to our school to do many seminars

Renato Migliaccio 2004-2011


Renato was a Mundial and MMA Champion who became a personal friend and always gave us world class teaching  & rolls

Luiz Palhares 2005 - Present


It has been our Great Honor to have been trained by and promted by Luiz Palhares. His skills & knowledge have given us a lot. 

Pedro Palhares 2005 - Present


Like his father Pedro has been a tremendous asset to Dauntless. His technique and flow always add to us and we are most thankful.

Marcelo Garcia 2015-Present


Another Great Honor for us is the time we have had with Marcelo Garcia. A true gentleman & extraordinary master

How About A BJJ Lesson

The Triangle can be one of the most difficult things for BJJ practicioners to deal with but it is easy if you truly know what you are doing.

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