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  • I like this place and the experience so much that I come 4 days a week. I cannot give a higher recommendation than that. Come and try a class. Experience the work it takes to do the MMA and BJJ. You will love it here.

    Sean Estes
  • I've been going to Dauntless for a few weeks now, and since day one, the instructor Mr. Sachetti and his staff have been very informative and have done a great job of making me feel comfortable and relaxed doing things that are very new to me. It was very obvious right away that they are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and self defense in general. I would recommend their classes to everyone, from a beginner just looking to learn self defense all the the way to an expert looking to hone their skills and become the best.

    Kyle Graef
  • Dauntless MMA is an excellent facility with very talented employees. Mr. Sachetti is extremely talented with over 30 years of fighting experience. He is really devoted to perfecting his clients skills in various types of fighting. I really enjoy going here and recommend for anyone who is interested in starting to fight.

    Thomas Fulciniti
  • Great place and great people they are great with kids and always try to help you out they are like a big family

    Mike Zilonis
  • My daughters have been going to Dauntless since March and I have nothing but excellent things to say about them. The staff are professional and knowledgeable, the studio is extremely well maintained and clean, and never once has their wellbeing ever been compromised in anyway. They are learning to truly defend themselves physically and mentally and they love it.

  • My children train in both BJJ and MMA here. We love this place and the coaches are awesome! I have been to others in the area and this place, by far, is the best.

    April P
  • I sometimes may hate going but, I have learned many things have helped me in the real world

    Luis Aguiree
  • Professor has a long history of training with masters in the Philippines. His whole family is into martial arts and is very friendly. This is a serious martial arts school. Be prepared athletically and mentally when you train here and "empty your cup" of all distractions. This is a small school that really allows a focus on your development, take it very seriously.

    Von Shroeder
  • Best decision I ever made! Very impressed with the quality of instruction and staff is very family oriented. They take the time to fine tune your skills for real life situations. Anyone wanting to learn BJJ SFA or MMA should stop by and check it out.

    L Howell
  • his is, by far, the best BJJ school I have ever been to in my life. I trained in other places out in the Midwest and concluded after a few years, that I should just stick to striking and work my takedown defense. Luckily, I stumbled across this hidden gem when I moved out East. Mr. Sachetti the fundamentals that other places usually gloss over. As a result, my ground game has skyrocketed. So take it from me; if you want to get good on the ground, this is the place to go.

    Joe Lopez
  • Extremely knowledgeable and patient training staff. A great value for the serious fighter or warrior wantabe.

    Don Jones
  • I'm a beginner in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but I have done his Survival Fighting Axiom for a couple of years now and can see that he puts as much effort into teaching BJJ as he does SFA. Mr. Sachetti always reiterates that it's not just the moves that are important but the energy within the moves. His mastery of the discipline is obvious and he works very hard to instill his knowledge and skill level into his students. My teenage daughter also enjoys both his SFA and BJJ classes and loves grappling with his wife, Mrs. Sachetti. Her skill level and teaching skills are extraordinary and she is very easy to learn from. She works hard to help my daughter feel the opponent's energy and use it to her advantage. We are both pleased.

  • Great School of Martial Arts and great instructors!!

    Jessie Arce
  • Great BJJ - If you're looking for a good ground game, this is the place to get it. Mr. Sachetti's game isn't fancy, it's just fundamental jiu-jitsu honed to perfection. You'll learn the minute details that truly make for quality technique. Excellent learning experience!

    J Barnes


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