The Survival Fighting Axiom

How Good Is Your
Self Defense?

Everyone thinks they can fight until they do, but what about when your strength is spent or you have taken  repeated blows to the head. A real fight is nothing but chaos and all you have are your “Intstincts” at the moment of the attack. If they are wrong, you are dead.

The Survival Fighting Axiom is a revolutionary new birth in the field of Tactical Hand To Hand and Edged Weapon Combat. A next generation martial arts evolution of tech-nique, conditioning and training methods for fighting strik-ers, grapplers, ground fighters, multiple attackers, edged weapons and firearms at close range.

The material taught to you within the SFA process proves itself with uniquely effective self defense responses for each form of violence you face by training you against them at real time.

By recreating the chaos and stress you are most likely to experience within the attack, SFA provides you fertile ground to develop an instintive ability and functional fitness to perform this amazing material successfully.

SFA 3 Hour Tactical Training Modules

Are Held On Saturdays 11:00 am – 2:00 pm

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