The Dauntless MMA Total Strike Course first develops a truly amazing BASE and MOVEMENT that stops even a World Class, All American Wrestler. You will gain the skill to shut down shoots and clinches like no one else so you can create opportunities and angles to land strikes with Speed, Timing, Power, Accuracy & Precision.

A lifetime of study in Boxing, Muay Thai, Dumpag and Kung Fu in the most realistic applications has allowed us to assemble this material in the most effective and com-prehensive curriculum for you to function well in MMA.

You will learn Direct, Indirect & Redirected Attacks. How To Set Up The Knock Out, How To Make Your Opponent Miss and also implement unique “Counter Offenses” that literally “Attack The Attack”. This skill is giving our fighters a practical, real advantage.

Many young fighters come in with attributres of speed, strength and endurance but truly GREAT FIGHTERS recognize that Precision beats power and Timing beats speed.

In the Dauntless MMA Total Strike Course you will develop a much more refined skill level for the proper execution of your Punches, Kicks, Elbows and Knees STRATEGICALLY to get the WIN.

Compression Strikes are another area that we excel at. This is a method of hitting while pulling your oppo-nent into the blow. It occurs both in the clinch and on the ground.

As your Offensive Skills progress you also will be equally developed Counter Offensively to instinctually avoid or destroy the incoming strikes, shoots and clinches of your opponent. After all the MMA Fight takes place in the Stand Up, Clinch & Ground and at Dauntless you will be properly trained to react in each realm without hesitation.

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MMA Total Strike Classes Are Held Monday And Wednesday
Afternoon 12:00 – 1:00 Pm And Nights At 8:00 – 9:00 pm

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