When their 2 boys were born Allen & Maribeth Sachetti made a commitment to bring them nothing but the BEST in skill level for Brazlian Jiu-Jitsu.

So they spent most of their adult life training with none but the best in BJJ like Rickson Gracie, Royler Gracie, Renato Migliaccio, Luiz Palhares and Marcelo Garcia.

The true excellence of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is in its ability to enable it’s practicioners to read their opponents intentions and execute precise energy to directly take advantage of those intentions by dominating the opponent with posi-tions, controls and submissions.

Your Kids too can now benefit from this by enrolling then in the Dauntless BJJ and MMA Fundamental Courses .

Kids BJJ For Ages 3-13

The Dauntless Kids BJJ program gives children two avenues for achieving excellence. In The Kids BJJ Fundamental Course and then with the Kids BJJ Advanced Course.

One thing I learned from my teacher Rickson Gracie is that there is no such thing as just basics. Basics can be advanced if the energy behind them is very developed.

When a child gains “Genuine Skills” he or she then gains “Genuine Confidence”. Our training enables children to truly refine all aspects of their BJJ game through sincere effort. This in turn develops a real Discipline, Focus and Indomitable Resolve that they can take into other areas of their life.

Beginner To Advanced

At Dauntless every child is treated like a potential cham-pion as they are instructed to overcome adversity and gain a real depth in Jiu-Jitsu.

Sensitivity, Technique and Reaction Time are cultivated as they go beyond the basics into our Kids BJJ Ad-vanced Course which includes massive development in Stand Up And Ground with the advanced Guard (Spider, 1/3, Dela Riva, Butterfly, X, inverse, Reverse & more) Cross Body, Fetal Mount, Turtle and all other positions.

Inside this unique training experience we see children now rising mcuh higher in Ability, Self Respect and Stronger Moral Judgement. That in itself is perhaps the greatest accomplishment for us.

Special Attention
For The Little Ones

Sensei Maribeth Sachetti is particularly excellent when it comes to teaching the little ones. Having taught both her sons at 3 years old she knows how to enable children to get the most out of BJJ.

There are few instructors of Maribeth’s Skill Level who are this good with children. She always sepa-rates the little ones from the older kids and has a way of breaking down even complex material so they can absorb it.

We find that kids who train with Maribeth from ages 3 to 5 have an amazinly strong character, maturity and determination for overcoming challenges in their life. She really is a rare asset at Dauntless.

The Kids MMA Total Strike Course

The old saying in MMA is: “What do you call an MMA Fighter who does’nt know Jiu-Jitsu? Answer: LOSER.

This is because no matter how good someone can get at striking if he has no base or ability to counter the clinch and shoot he is going to be on his back.

That is why once children have earned a yellow belt in our Basic BJJ course we open the door for them to attend our Kids MMA Course.

Here we build in them complete skills with our MMA Total Strike Course and our MMA Clinch & Ground Course. They will learn how to shut down all types of shoots and clinches to stay on their feet and deliver powerful, precise striking combinations that will give them the best opportunity to finish their opponent.

Self Respect

Try A Free Class

 New Students Can Try A Free Basic Kids Class At Dauntless
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