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Real Life Threat Solution

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Everyone thinks they can fight until they do. When is the last time you faced real viciousness. I am talking about suddenly experiencing repeated, relentless strikes, grabs, tackles and stomps from one or more amoral, human animals. A real fight is chaos and all you have are your instincts at the moment of the attack.

If you have not trained under such duress prior to such an encounter you will NOT react properly and you and your family could suffer quite terrible consequences. In order to avoid Dauntless Martial Arts In Newark Delaware offers a uniquely effective Tactical Threat Solution Process that enables genuine self defense instincts. It is called SFA, The Survival Fighting Axiom

The Survival Fighting Axiom

SFA Self Defense Training offers Revolutionary Technique and Material that is much more effective for real life street encounters than most other approaches. Beyond Technique SFA's unique training methods also develop your Instincts and Conditioning to be able to REACT WELL UNDER DURESS and this is crucial for the real life application of self defense skills.


  • Striker
  • Grappler
  • Ground Fighter
  • Multiple Attackers
  • Edged Weapons
  • Firearms


Have Absolutely No Experience?

SFA comes and meets where you are both physically and mentally to develop you at a pace that you can handle. You will experience incremental gains in each training session until your Mind and Body grow in Strength and Capability. The goal here is that no matter what threat you face, that you will conquer it. See some step by step training below

Real Life Threat Solution

SFA Training will constantly increase you Instincts, Skill Level and Conditioning to PERFORM well to DESTROY real life violent threats from single and multiple attackers. This Self Defense Training truly is next generation in it's ability to transform your Reactions and Endurance to overcome real life threats.

Don't Be The Victim

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Unfortunately in today's world people seem more hateful and violence happens more often. Each day more people are assaulted violated on the street in the most abhorrent ways, Don't wait until after you are attacked to realize how much you needed to train. Fill Out Below To Request More Information And Attend The Next SFA Threat Solution Seminar In Newark, DE.

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