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Develop Strong Skills In MMA Striking, Clinchwork & Ground

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Dauntless offers several True MMA Courses that take into account the unique and specific kind of training that is actually required for a fighter to excel in Mixed Martial Arts competition. These courses are designed to enable and improve your Mindset, Skill Level and Conditioning in MMA Stand Up, MMA Clinchwork and MMA Ground.

The Dauntless MMA System was produced from a lifetime of study in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Muay Thai, Filipino Dumpag, Wrestling and open NHB & MMA Competition from our Chief Instructor Allen J. Sachetti. Take a look at the material below for a preview.

Our MMA Striking Course develops first in you a unique Base and Movement so that you are able to withstand and destroy even the best Shoots and Clinches. Then you will master both Direct and Indirect Striking attacks with Punches, Kicks, Elbows & Knees as well as a very unique "Counter Offensive" ability for both incoming Striking and Grappling attacks.

Our MMA Clinch & Ground Course teaches both Offensive Grappling Skills as well as our unique "Anti-Wrestling" material which destroys Shoots, Clinches and Grips to always place you in a position of advantage. Our MMA Ground Course is in depth as it refines within you the ability to dominate in top control positions, escape effectively bad positions, destroy an opponent's guard and learn how to seize and control with your guard to avoid damage and capitalize.

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Whether You Want To Be A Fighter Or Just Train Like One Dauntless Delivers!!


Dauntless does not a watered down commercial version of Mixed Martial Arts, but an authentic MMA Curriculum that can help Kids, Teens and Adults in Newark Delaware achieve Real, Sustainable Skills and Conditioning!!

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