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Dauntless Martial Arts BJJ & MMA Classes For Kids 3-13

dauntless martial arts Kids Martial Arts newark

For over 30 years Allen & Maribeth have been teaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Dauntless Martial Arts in Newark Delaware. They raised their two boys in the training and have empowered countless children throughout Delaware not only with serious BJJ Skills but also Genuine Confidence, Strong Focus and an Indomitable Resolve.

The Dauntless Kids Martial Arts programs in Newark, DE offer kids 3-13 both an authentic Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Beginners to Intermediate Courses for amazing Grappling Skills plus a Mixed Martial Arts Striking Course that takes the best of Boxing, Muay Thai and Dumpag with their unique "Anti-Wrestling" curriculum to teach kids how to stay on their feet and excel with Striking.

dauntless martial arts Kids Martial Arts newark

Find The Perfect Kids Martial Arts Class For Your Child Ages 3-13

- Kids BJJ Basic - Takes kids 3-13 through Stand Up, Mount, Guard, Cross Body and Back in both offensive and counter offensive applications. Kids learn how to read the energy of their opponents and predict their intentions to execute take downs, position controls, escapes, controls and submissions. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is very much a thinking mans game. As your kids increase in their sensitivity for competition they also will learn how to apply a similar method verbally in life to defuse or counter adverse situations.

dauntless martial arts Kids Martial Arts newark

- Kids MMA Striking - here children 5-13 learn a unique "Base & Movement" to avoid and counter take downs and grappling attacks like the shoot & the clinch. Then they are taught how to master Speed, Timing, Power, Accuracy & Precision with their Punches, Kicks, Elows & Knees to technically take apart their opponents through Volume or Strategic attacks. Again here Children learn that anger is the enemy as they go through adversity but "stick to the plan" to overcome and achieve their goal.

dauntless martial arts Kids Martial Arts newark

Kids Martial Arts Training Builds Serious Life Skills

Just as important as the self defense skills your child will learn in our Kids Martial Arts programs are, the Life Skills they gain will stay with them for years to come. Dauntless Martial Arts has created an environment where students can feel more supported and motivated to accomplish more than than ever before. From this we see real, tangible personality benefits:


  • Self Respect
  • Confidence
  • Discipline
  • Resolve
  • Focus


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Kids Martial Arts

For Kids Martial Arts In Newark we offer Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for ages 3-13, and Mixed Martial Arts for ages 5-13. ...

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Certified by Rickson Gracie & Luiz Palhares Dauntless offers you the most in depth BJJ training in Newark, DE. With the most in depth curriculum and quality ins ...

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The absolute best MMA Training In Newark DE!! Serious training for the beginner, amateur or pro in MMA Stand Up, Clinchwork & Ground to make you Cage Ready!! ...

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